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Seat Lumbar Support Motor Parameters

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The car seat lumbar support motor is a lumbar support transmission module used in the automobile seat adjustment. It is a gear reduction motor. The main transmission structure is a reduction device integrated with a drive motor (micro motor) and a gearbox (reducer). The seat lumbar support for the car can relieve the discomfort of the waist during driving, and improve the driving experience. The seat lumbar support is required to be adjusted to the required height at any time according to the needs of different passengers. There are 2 adjusting methods: manual adjustment and electric adjustment. For vehicles with a higher configuration, an electric adjuster is generally used, and an electric motor is used to drive a turbine worm to drive and adjust the die-casting head to achieve the purpose of adjusting the height of the lumbar support.

However, in most electric adjusting devices, one or more planetary gearheads need to be fitted inside the worm gear, and the planetary gear trains are assembled on the wire wheel to drive the cable to achieve the deceleration between the motor and the cable. The planetary gearheads have complex structures, which require high precision, are easily damaged, and have high replacement costs. It will increase the maintenance costs of the lumbar support parts. Moreover, the adoption of the wire wheel increases the radial volume of the drive mechanism and increases the difficulty of designing the lumbar support driver in the limited design space of the car seat. An electric lumbar support drive for a car seat includes a power mechanism, a sliding block mechanism, two sets of wire drawing mechanisms, and a base. The power mechanism includes a motor, a worm coaxially fixed with the motor shaft, a helical gear meshing with the worm, and a screw rod coaxially fixed with the helical gear. The gear motors for seat lumbar support are usually developed with customized technical parameters, such as diameter between 3.4mm-38mm, voltage below 24V, output power below 50W, output speed between 5-2000rpm, reduction ratio between 5-1500, and output torque between and 50Kgcm. ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. provides a set of customized services related to gear motors.

Parameters of Seat Lumbar Support Motor:

Material Plastic
Outer diameter 24mm
Operating temperature -20℃~+85℃
Direction of rotation cw&ccw
Gear backlash ≤3°
Voltage (Optional) 3V~24V
Bearing Porous bearing/Rolling bearing
Input speed ≤15000rpm
Axial endplay ≤0.1mm/≤0.1mm
Current 300mA max
Radial load on output shaft ≤50N/≤100N
Motors (Optional) Stepper/Coreless/DC Motor


Project Name: Gear Motor for Automobile Seat Angle Adjustment

Achievements: Use a small permanent magnet DC motor combined with helical gears for car seat transmission. Control the seat circuit path and current direction through the control switch on the door armrest to achieve the purpose of intelligent adjustment of the seat level, height, and angle. The transmission device of the electric seat includes a transmission, a coupling device, and a solenoid valve. The seat adjuster is composed of a screw jack and a gear transmission mechanism. The transmission device and the seat adjuster are connected by a flexible shaft.

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